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Ken, Calvert, Warren, Brian....and an Ace... The A.K.A.

A.K.A. est. 1995.
Ahhh, the good ol' days.....10 years of A.K.A.

Anime Vegas 2004

TTX1...I like the color blue.

fatal frame. click.

Fanime has come and gone. Jinnai is currently running around at the con until 6PM then he will be flying home. Get your CD signed before he leaves.


LKJ Top 10 on
As Of 5/30/05 2am
Noir - Canta Per Me [LKJ FAnimeMix]

 Naruto - Viva*Rock [Viva J-Rock You LK Mix]

 DearS - Happy Cosmos [LKJ Shorty Mix]


Kingdom Hearts - Hikari [LKJ Mix]


RahXephon-Hemisphere[DJ LKJ Mix]


Ghost In The Shell : Stand Alone Complex
Inner Universe [LKJ Mix]


DearS - Happy Cosmos [LKJ Shorty Mix]


Noir - Canta Per Me [LKJ FAnimeMix]


Azumanga Daioh - Soramimi Cake [LKJ Mix]


Kingdom Hearts - Hikari [LKJ Mix] Radio (24 0r 64 kbps)

12-17-07: After a long... long... long... wait... The time has come for an update and ReVision of sorts for the site... See you on the 1st of 08...

2-10-06: Long time since I updated this. For those who were at the Anime Vegas screening and got a mix CD, here's the tracklist.


Chobits - Let Me Be With You

Love Hina - Sakura Saku

Devil Hunter Yohko - Moonlight

Tokimeki Memorial - Tokimeki Memorial

Kujibiki Unbalance - Kujibiki Unbalance

Maaya Sakamoto - Hashiru

Sister Princess RePure - Love Maboroshi

Nadesico - Let Me Be Your Number 1

Haji Rahi - Bokura ga Mimamoru Mirai

Hamasaki Ayumi - Fly High

Sasaki Yuko - Pure Snow


6-21-05: Due to familly problems I have not got in touch with Jinnai and so the reason behind the lack of updates but go over to DJ Jinnai website for up to date info about whats happening with him and his new partnership with a very successful game company. Till later...

5-30-05: Thanks to all the DJ's that spun this past weekend. We had lots of fun and hope to spin again. We will have pics and 30 sec. vids of the con asap. And if you got one of Jinnai's FREE CD's hunt him down and get it signed.



5-26-05: Lady's and Gent's get your Poke pen's and your Kristine Sa cd's out as Jinnai invades Fanime Con 2005. Jinnai will be in town at 11am. Say hi and stuff he might give you a limited edition CD and sign it for you. Thats right Jinnai fans during his set's this weekend you can nab yourself a copy of Jinnai's new music that you could only hear from All cd's we are giving away are free and not to be re-sold.


5-25-05: Just... Two... More... Days... Must... Hold... On... WHAT!!!  YEAH!!!  If you can make it to this years Fanime Con come to the dances every night and bust a move with Jinnai and maybe just maybe a special event might happen... wink... wink. Sa... OK!!!


5-23-05: has receved new remixs from Jinnai. If your a fan of hip-hop request DearS - Happy Cosmos [LKJ Shorty Mix] you will not be disaponted.


5-23-05: *Update* Last month I reported that Jinnai will be releasing his own remix CD. While his CD is comming out in the fall it will be a compulation CD with mix's from other members in the Nemisis camp.


5-10-05: With almost 2 weeks to go before Fanime 2005 this year just to let everyone know that Jinnai will be doing the dance this year even if the dance link on the Fanime web site is not up and running. Keep tunning in to as we will try to give you updates everyday during Fanime Con 2005.


4-11-05: DJ Jinnai is back at it again in his "Evil" lab cranking out more toons for his upcoming CD (later this year) and for Fanime Con. Toon in to, and here at for all the latest info on DJ Jinnai.



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