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3-29-05: It's offical Jinnai is comming back home. Fanime Con 2005 will be the return of DJ Jinnai in California were it all started. Hit the Fanime Con site to start requsting what you would like to hear. More info to come.
3-25-05: Bay Area get ready! Rumors has it that DJ Jinnai will return to Fanime Con 2005 under the name that started it all Lord Katsuhiko Jinnai. So if you loved his remixes on just wait till you hear him live. More updates soon.
2-06-05: Yeah Baby Yeah!!! LKJ's new remixes of Kristine Sa's current CD reBirth are now being played on radio. Go and request, request, request!!!
1-30-05: Added Top 5 Chart for LKJ's remixes at radio. Help support anime raido and LKJ by tuning in.

1-26-05: WHAT!!! You dont know what the A.K.A. is!!! You will very soon.

1-26-05: Sorry for not updating lots of things were happening with our family. DJ Jinnai has been doing a lot of remixs and we will get the list up to snuff in the next day or so. He has told me he has broken the 200 mix barrier and is still going strong.

More info coming soon.

12-10-04: Nothing new just wanted to type.

11-22-04: Ningendo has posted the pics from Oni-Con 2k4 dance online. Go to the Vids and Pics page to get there.
11-18-04: Later today or tonight we will post some of the pics from Oni-Con 2004. Finally!

11-05-04: New links in the links page for Jinnai with SoundClick and Nemesis Records. Also a new page for vids and pics coming soon.
10-31-04: Under new management, updates coming soon! Videos and pics
from Oni-Con to come stay tuned. 

1-20-04 : I am returning to the Bay Area @ Anime Overdose! March 5-6 in Santa Clara CA! <---BE THERE! 

12-10-03 : 6 months away from the site...oops I was busy with things lately...
visit my mp3 page at for some nice stuff...
updated my projects list....
(plays PS2 now)
6-25-03 : Ah....Fanimecon 2003 was pure fun....I'll try to get a report done when i get the time...DJ Gendo has one in the process...In the meantime, visit YOSHI31's link for more Fanimecon 2003 pics here.
5-28-03 Yes i was gone for a VERY LONG WHILE. Its called college, and finals. BACK AT FANIMECON 2003! So please attend! a link to fanimecon is in the links section. GO GO GO!
Alright...uploaded a new remix <actually a megamix>. It's non anime, but check it out still. Also updated the projects section.  Later!
2-20-03 Little Update....I got my first award! Thanks Kitty Kit...
02-03-03 Yay....I'm back! You can find this site on! remix (actually an old-skool one I did a while ago). Projects is also updated.
Hope those who went to Ushi Con had the chance to talk to Keiichi at the booth!
01-02-03 (i can count!) LOL...: Hope everyone had a great holiday season! Updated Projects and a NEW remix.  
11-04-02: Updated Remix section. Still in college....sorry for the lack of updates...>_<
10-05-02: Revamped the remix section...REMIX OF THE MONTH is NOW OPEN!
9-24-02: OMG! An update! Updated Projects and cleaned out a few things. Yea, I WILL UPDATE THE REMIXES SOON!^__^
9-01-02: Sorry for the lack of is really taking up the time now...
I am also looking for space to put up some of my amvs/mixes...(200mb or more would be cool) If anybody has any, please let me know!
8-19-02: NinGendo Studios page online on 8-16-02. visit at
8-09-02: Added the DJ Anime' Discography.
7-17-02: Bored once again! Made another scratch mp3. Located in remix section!
7-10-02: Currently looking at new forms of broadcast options. So far, a webcam program named Ivisit might save the live show. More news as it becomes avalible.
In the meantime, you can always check out radio for new remixes done by me.
7-01-02: Because of the changes on Live365, I am no longer able to keep my radio stream alive. However, I am merging with another anime radio station, radio. My Stream will keep playing until the 1st of August.
Final live show, this thursday 6:00 - 7:00 PM PST.
6-28-02: Next year's date for Fanimecon has been released!
Around June 20-22, 2003. Still tenative.
The radio stream is at stake right now. Because of the new royalty rates forced at Live365's will, chances of a permanent shut down might occur. Please know that if this happens, you will still be able to hear my music played occasionally through radio during their live show. 
Currently working on remixes of Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu, and Gravitation. 
6-26-02: Yes, the new pic to the left is the prototype of my next cd, Bugrom Bass. J-Core Vs. Old Skool Happy Hardcore. I'll be playing the entire cd on my live show tonight at 5:45 P.M. PST!!!! Yay! 
6-24-02: Live show thursday at 5:45 PM PST. I'll be playing the prototype mix cd on the show.
6-24-02: I'm already in the process of making a new mix cd. Feel free to e-mail me for any info about it. Once again, it will be pressed in VERY limited quantities!^_^
6-19-02: Yay! Another Live Mix this Thursday from 5:30 - 7:00. I'll be playing some unreleased remixes and some other things I found in my record vault.
A new video production page is on its way! It's called "NinGendo Studios". We've already made one AMV so far and I hope to get it somewhere on the net. If not, there is always AIM. We are also looking at making full length parody dubs.
Be sure to look out for my friends, the NT2099 crew at AX!
6-11-02: Added even more pics in the Fanime 2k2 Section Courtesy of KENtraro Oe and Hikaru.
Updated the team section.
LIVE SHOW, thursday night at 6-7 P.M. on I am also going to optimixe the entire stream to make it compatible with analog modems.   
6-01-02: Mix Testing LIVE again tonight, maybe at 11:00 PM PST. Anyone is invited to hear the test. You might even hear some unreleased remixes!!^_^ 
Might start doing weekly LIVE mixes every Monday night or Thursday night...
5-31-02: HUGE UPDATE!!!! On, I'm gonna attempt to stream a mix LIVE! 56k/28.8k users can listen too!!!Starts at 7 PM PST.  

5-21-02: Not really an update, but I have one thing to say to Circus Circus Casino:
Let's just say I got screwed with my game tickets. Screw your crappy service and your rude employees! I can't wait when they demolish your casino just like how they did with the Hacienda.
(God, I feel better!)
Currently working on new remixes. And going to UNLV soon...I hate school. >_<
5-20-02: Updated my Live365 station! Now it plays both of my performances from Fanime Con! Hear it here!! (CABLE/DSL CONNECTIONS ONLY.)

5-15-02: AAARRGGHHH!!! I hate bandwidth problems. I had to reconstruct the fanime pic page. I hope it will run faster now.
Thanks to those who enjoyed the Noir remix. I am still shocked at the overwhelming popularity of the remix.
Once again, thanks for your support.
Oh yeah, I didn't forget about the live365 page. I got a treat coming up for the radio station!! Stay tuned...
5-08-02: Just bored outta my mind. Made some goodies for you! Uploaded Some scratch mp3s in the remixes section!
5-07-02: Added the list of songs I played at the Friday/Saturday dance. It is located in the Fanime 2k2 section.
5-04-02: Added new pics in the Hidden page!(What? There's a secret place on my website?) Good luck finding it!
5-04-02: Due to immense popular demand, I decided to make a downloadable version of the Noir - Canta Per Me remix.  One of the best remixes I've ever made. Check it out in the Remixes section!
5-03-02: IT'S GENDO! OH BABY!! I just had to say that!^____^
More pics from the dance!! Courtesy of Thee Karkajou Automaton!!! Lots of new pics! You don't wanna miss it!!
It was one week ago to this day. I debuted for the first time. Wow, how time flies!
5-02-02: More pics courtesy of Kndy2099!
5-01-02: Added a new section, Fanime Experience Report. You can also see some pics form the dance. Pics by Kyo Sanzaki.
Met up with the other team members and discussed about opening a new division. Video Production. A new Production Studio in the works. More on the way.
Welcome new AnimE'xcalibur member, David Levine. (I hope I spelled your name right!!)

4-29-01: Oh My God! FanimeCon 2002 was the bomb!!! Yea!!!! I'm still in California. I'll update as soon as I get home guys! Got some stories to tell you guys.
Adding a new section soon. A Fanime experience/picture section.
If anybody got pictures of the dance, PLEASE foward them to me!! My buddies and the fanime staff got a few. Stay tuned....
4-17-02: Wow, two updates in one day! The Stream for is now featuring my work! Click on the link at the bottom of this page!
Sorry, haven't had any time to upload some new trax. Too hyped-up about FanimeCon!! Say a prayer for me because it's my debut! My first time LIVE!! 
Making some last minute remixes for Fanime. I wanna break out my best trax for you guys interested at attending the dance!
Almost finished with the timing for both dance nights. It's gonna be slammin'! Much props to all the DJs invoved in the Fanime Dance!
Oh yeah, the radio stream with is almost
online with my material! Keep checking this site for more!
Working on "Do as Infinity" and "Noir"  
4-14-02: Currently timing my mix set for Fanime.
I am also in talks with Texas based Radio to broadcast my work to more users. the new broadcaster is analog modem friendly (33/56k users)! For those who don't have broadband, not to worry for long! You can hear my stuff off this new stream very soon!
I will inform you guys when this is up!
4-10-02: You like videos? Of course you do! Download a skratch video clip by me in the "remixes" page!
4-05-02: Added Skratch mp3s in the remix section. I was just foolin around!^_^ Some of them sound pretty cool!
4-02-02: Cool, almost time for Fanime! Check out the Fanime website to see a mini bio of me! Click on where it says "Fanime Dance Link" on the bottom of this page.
3-25-02: Updated Projects

3-17-02: Thank you guys for waiting! New remix in the remix section! "Hamasaki Ayumi - Seasons - (Ayumi N' Harmony Remix)"

02-07-02: 10 Years of AnimE'xcalibur!! Yay!

Currently working on Project A-Ko and Sailor Stars.

01-27-02: Added "What is J-Core?" and "The -Team-" pages.

01-21-02: Don't Download Final Distance. It is incomplete. I am having trouble with uploading.

New stuff on "LKJ Who?" check it out!

01-18-02: I am finally moving house. I will be gone February 7. This page will be delayed for a bit. I will start updating again as soon as the move is complete.

I want to thank all of you for supporting me. I am just a struggling DJ trying to help promote myself. Nothing else.

I updated the music like I promised. Utada Hikaru CD-quality remix.

I love the Japanese Culture and I want to continue doing this for a very long time. Thank you for reading.

01-18-02: I was bored so I changed the layout of the site.^_^

Changed the What's New section to "Past News".

Don't worry everyone! I will add new remixes shortly!!

01-17-02: Added a very long timeline showing how "Team AnimE'xcalibur Productions" started in the first place. It started when I was in the Fifth Grade!! Read ALL about it in the "LKJ Who?" page.

01-16-02: Added a new link in the "links" section. For those who want to hear some of my vintage tracks, check it out! Some stuff dating back to 1999.

I may add some of my early recordings on this webpage soon.
(Yes, I still have the VERY first remix I made from 1995 in a pile of tapes somewhere! ^_^)

It's good to take a stroll down memory lane once in awhile.

01-13-02: I am trying to work with Fanimecon to get a spot to perform at the dance! So far, it is going very well. I have another meeting to attend soon. I almost have enough money for plane tickets. This is a very huge break for me. Hope to see any of you there!

01-10-02: Sorry, no new remixes for this update. Added a link to one of my sponsors, DJ Flipstar. He creates video games in his spare time. Check his site out by clicking on the link in my "Links" page!

12-25-01: Added a Special Edition Remix Section under Remixes. Added A special remix of "Can't You See?" by PC Quest. A band forgotten by the media, but still remembered by all their fans!

12-11-01: Sorry for not updating! Added 5 new remixes! Patlabor, Noir, Ranma, Street Fighter 2 and Megaman 3!
Thats basically it for now! Bye!

11-22-01: More Music! Ranma, Dirty Pair Flash and Lost Universe!

11-21-01: Added "Whats New?" Page. (the one you're looking at.)

11-21-01: Created "Links" Page!

Very huge shout out to the Silver Creek Anime Club! They've worked so hard in helping me promote my remixes!! Visit their website under "links". Thank you Helen!

11-21-01: Updated Bio and Remixes Page. Uploaded Hamasaki Ayumi Fly High Remix.

11-20-01: Site launch!

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