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Team AnimE'xcalibur Productions

What is J-Core?

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J-Core: Short for Japanese Hardcore (J-Core) Music.

It's a mix of J-Pop/Anime music with UK Style Hardcore Rave Music with some Old Skool Jungle elements blended in.

When I first started remixing anime' I was following my mentor, DJ Socket and how he remixed his music. Thats when it hit me. I had to make my own style of remixing Anime music. I mean, It's good to follow someones road, but originality and innovation can help the anime remixing scene diverse into new ground.

I started to speed up my remixes beyond the usual Freestyle/Two Step speed I used to do. Recently, I started to use less sampling from other music and focused on making my own samples and beats. Shows how much work I put into remixing.

 2002 Team AnimE'xcalibur Productions