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Team AnimE'xcalibur Productions

Fanime 2K2 Dance Pics

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Photos by Kyo Sanzaki

Lord Katsuhiko Jinnai (me) and DJ Mod

8-Ball and Jinnai in the Background


DJ Socket and 8-Ball

Party People!!!

More Partygoers!!

Man, the dance was crazy!

Photos by Kndy2099

Thanks to those who were there!

Bust a move, yo!

The crowd forming a dance circle! Those DJs made our day!

Hey, that's me!!! American Audio and Pioneer, UNITE!!!!!

left to right: Mpu, Satine and Socket!

Mpu, where can I get the eyewear? ^_^

The picture says it all. My best memory of the dance. We gotta team up again Socket!! Much respect!!

thee karkajou automaton looking for that perfect song!

Thanks for the memories dude! Hope to see you next year!!

Photos by KENtaro Oe and Hikaru

Jinnai waves to all

DJ Socket Vs. LKJ

KENtaro Oe and Jinnai

DJ Socket, LKJ and KENtaro Oe

Another pic of DJ Socket Vs.LKJ


DJ MOD getting ready to mix

AnimE'xcalibur 2002