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Silver Creek Anime Club Interview (Click Here)

History of "Team AnimE'xcalibur Productions"

(I'll update this as soon as I can remember way back then.)

-First seen anime style art in 1992.

-Created the manga team "Excaliber Inc."in 1992. Founded by Warren Fernandez and Mugunthan Damodharan.

-Mugunthan leaves "Excaliber Inc.". Creates Midnight Inc. in 1992. Two weeks after forming "Excaliber Inc.".

-I Joined up with Doug Henry in 1993. He left and Joined Midnight thereafter.

-Biggest drawing rivalry on the campus playground.

-Changed name to "Excalibur Arts"in 1994. Focused on a Oh! My Goddess meets Gangsta Rap fusion.

-Doug Henry moves to Texas in 1994.

-Started making loop instrumentals on my boombox in 1994-1995.

-Started collecting anime videos in 1995.

-First dose of J-Pop in 1995. It was the beginng of the end for my Gangsta Rap era.

-Excalibur Arts/Midnight rivalry cools down in 1996.

-My drawings were totally mocked during high school. Most of my artwork used for school purposes were defaced.

-Started being introduced to Electronica and the Rave scene in 1997.

-FanimeCon 97. My first con. Only there for 30 minutes. WTF?!

-Changed the name again to "AnimE'xcalibur ltd." Dumped drawing (but not doodling ^_^) and started focusing on making songs.

-Attempted in making an anime club in 1998. It failed.

-Messed around with various Keyboards. Named myself, DJ Anime.

-Opened my page in 1999. Uploaded some rare stuff there.

-Made my first Anime remix CD in 1999. Yes. It sucked.

-Fall 1999. I visited JAPAN. Not on TV but in person.

-January 1, 2000. After getting flamed too much by the net geeks, I ditched the DJ Anime name. Called myself Lord Katsuhiko Jinnai.

-May 2000. My first DJ Set.

-Said Goodbye to long-time manga rival (still my friend ^_^) Mugunthan Damodharan. Graduated in June 3, 2000.

-August 2000, Mastered the art of remixing anime music.

-Fall 2000. Changed name Again! "Team AnimE'xcalibur Productions".

-March 2001. Completed 88 remixes.

-June 2001. Made my first TRUE anime remix Mix CD.

-August 2001. Started upgrading my DJ set. Launched my Live 365 radio station!!!

-October 2001. Met a very important sponsor at Paracon. The Silver Creek Anime Club. Started giving away promos of my remixes to various people at the con.

-November 2001. This site launches!!!

Chu Chu Interview

Funding status:

I am an independent DJ. I make little to no money when remixing and giving away my remixes. Donations are always appreciated - but never expected.

If you like my remixes and want to help support me with a donation, E-mail me and we can work something out. I remix for the anime /J-pop fans. I don't do this for a living. Thanks!

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